Extracurricular Activities

Offering these programs after the school day allows children the chance to participate in extracurricular activities while saving parents time on evenings and weekends.  This allows for more quality time at home!


Kindermusik is offered on Monday afternoons beginning at 3:45 and is directed by Mrs. Nancy Love, a licensed Kindermusik teacher.  Cost varies depending on your child’s age and program chosen.


Yoga classes are held on Tuesday afternoons beginning at 3:30 and are directed by Mrs. Natalie Pelafos.  Mrs. Natalie has been teaching yoga for many years and the children love her peaceful presentation of this ancient art form.

Ballet, Tap and Tumbling

Ballet performance at the Holiday Program
Ballet performance at the Holiday Program

Ballet, tap, and tumbling classes are held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons beginning at 3:15.   This program is directed by Miss Shih Chiao who teaches at the Dance Center of Kirkwood and is a very accomplished ballerina!


A soccer skills class is held each Friday afternoon beginning at 4:00.  Coach Joe Baer directs this program and has been coaching children’s soccer for many years.  This class offers the children the opportunity to learn ball handling skills without the pressure of competition.